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Monday, June 29, 2015

It was a time of Summer Demons,and Magic floods...A conversation with Lilith.

It was the time of Summer Demons,and Magic floods the pools of my heart and mind. Every stream poured the_left_hand_path_by_mistertrece-d4i5ykfinto the river, which swelled in its turbid course. The banks receded so far from each other that it was impossible to tell a Luciferian from a Satanist,Witch from Magician.Then the Spirit of the Lake Pontchartrain laughed at my foolish blind eyes and all the satire of the earth was gathered within me. Down with the stream I journeyed east until I reached the ocean.There, looking eastwards and seeing no limit to its waves, My face changed,my heart broke,and Lilith laid her hand upon my fevered brow. And as I gazed over the expanse, I sighed and said to Lilith, “He who has heard but part of the truth thinks no one equal to himself. And such a one am I.”“She just kissed my cheek and stroked my hair.When formerly I heard people detracting from the Grand work of the Left Hand Path or underrating the heroism of the Way,I did not believe such would effect me,and my own path. But now that I have looked upon your inexhaustibility of fighting from left to right,Satan to Lucifer,Atheistic to Theistic--alas for me I have no dog in this fight, I shall forever be a laughing-stock to those of comprehensive LHP belief!"To which Lilith replied: “You cannot speak of ocean to a well-frog,--the creature of a narrower sphere. You cannot speak of ice to a summer insect,--the creature of a season. You cannot speak of Magic to a pedagogue: his scope is too restricted. But now that you have emerged from your narrow sphere and have seen the great work, you know your own insignificance,and I can speak to you of great principles.The branches of the Left and the Right--are they not to the universe but like puddles in a marsh? The Left Hand Path--is it not to the surrounding ocean like a man drowning on a piece of driftwood? Of all the myriad magical paths,Luciferianism is but one. And of all those who inhabit the Left Hand Path, live on the fruit of the black flame, and move about in the sinister way, an individual Practitioner is but one. Is not he, as compared with all creation, but as the tip of a hair upon a Beelzebub's Head?“Dimensions are limitless; time is endless. Conditions are not invariable; terms are not final. Thus, the wise Luciferian looks into space, and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too much; for he knows that
there is no limit to dimension. He looks back into the past, and does not grieve over what is far off, nor rejoice over what is near; for he knows that time is without end. He investigates fulness and decay, and does not rejoice if he succeeds, nor lament if he fails; for he knows that conditions are not invariable. The Left Hand Adapt who clearly apprehends the scheme of existence does not rejoice over life, nor repine at death; for he knows that terms are not final.”

If you adopt, as absolute, a standard of evenness and a criterion of what is right which is so only when convenient, your results will not be even or right.Those who trust to their senses become slaves to objective existences. Those alone who are guided by
their intuitions find the true standard. So far are the senses less reliable than the intuitions. Yet fools trust to their senses to know what is good for mankind, with alas but poor results.So live your life by the song of your gut,let that deep feeling guide your actions on the Left Hand Path,and always to thine own self be true.

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