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Monday, June 15, 2015

Vincent's Top Ten Books on Daoist Magic and Sorcery; For the practicing western magician or witch

I've been asked to write a List of my top ten favorite books on Daoist magic by one of my readers,so I've gotten all dusty and dirty,smeared electronic ink on my fingertips to pull these titles up for your review.If you know of better ones,please comment and give us your wisdom! Now onward to the List.....

10.Magick, Shamanism and Taoism: The I Ching in Ritual & Meditation Paperback – March 8, 2001 By;Richard Herne

This book is in no way a traditional on Taoism or Magic.It's a book about common practices of meditation, magic, concentration, and ritual that run through Taoist practice, ritual shamanism, and what we might simply term general Asian magical practice,It was my first "Taste" of the Art back in the day,but it has many flaws and some of the info is just flat out wrong.This book is a colection of texts that others have previously written, with introductions into chapters quoting Aliester Crowley's text.So if your a fan of the OTO,you will love it,But for pure Taoist Magic,it sits at number 10


9.Tao Magic: The Chinese Art Of The Occult Paperback – 1975by Ireneus Laszlo Legeza (Author)

 This is surely one of the best books on Taoist talismans and the workings of Taoist Magic,there's one small problem with this book that pulls it all the way down to number 9,It does not teach you how to do Taoist magic,or create talismans in any way.The author has never made a talisman in his life and it shows. good for theoretical aspect of that subject but nothing for those interested in the Taoist talismanic practices. 

8.Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong: Esoteric Talismans, Mantras, and Mudras in Healing and Inner Cultivation Paperback – May 15, 2011 By Zhongxian Wu

 This is a relatively short book providing a system of what I would describe as "sitting meditations", since they are done sitting. Each one has a posture, a visualization (mental attitude), and sometimes a mantra (usually just a syllable) to recite. Each has a different purpose, and these purposes are really what makes it qigong - gathering qi, moving it, converting it to shen, etc.All part of Taoist Magic,but not the whole ball of wax,and at 75 pages,you have to read Master Wu's other books on the subject to get anything out of it. 

7. Basic Conditions of Taoist Thunder Magic (ABHANDLUNGEN FuR DIE KUNDE DES MORGENLANDES) Paperback – August 30, 2007by Florian C Reiter (Author)

We have Thunder Divinities, but no illustration of any of these divinities are in the book,Nothing about their specific roles in Taoist talismanic thunder rituals.She talks about writing charms, but no image of any charm are to be found here. Also, no explanation about how to make these charms, nothing about their ritual purposes, no incantation, no mudra are shown. Nothing for Those interested by the practical side of Thunder Magic.But great for reserch and the scholar in all of us.

6.Taoist Shaman: Practices from the Wheel of Life Paperback – January 25, 2011 By:MANTAK CHIA and KRIS DEVA NORTH

 Now know this,I have worked with mantak chia's system extensively ,and I respect the hell out of the guy.But Kris seems to be just another New Age "shaman" who gets high on expensive and excessive retreats, which are new age in nature, and not an actual authentic cultural form of shamanism as known by actual anthropologists, scholars, and shaman. .Much of this book is not taoist, in fact all of it written by Kris is just horseshit. not a bad book on Taoist magic,But  I recommend you read More Mantak Chia and avoid this Kris guy like the black plague.


 5.Chinese Taoist Sorcery : The Art of Getting Even Paperback – September 1, 2000by Min Tzu (Author)

This is a book about Taoist Sorcery,not a book about Taoism...You won't read why things are done,but you will find much on the How the Art can be brought about from a Chinese folk magic view point,well worth picking up.

4.Daoist Magical Incantations, Hand Seals and Star Stepping.By:Jerry Allen Johnson 
 Now at 323 pages, this incredible book contains secret Daoist teachings on Magical Incantations, Imprinting with Incantations, Enchantment, Trance Induction, Daoist Magical Hand Seal Training, Types of Hand Seals, Specific Functions of the Hand Seals, Hand Seals Used For Worship, Summoning, Protection, Obstruction, Attacking, Binding, Imprisoning, and Sealing, Mao Shan Hand Seals Used for Healing or Protection, History of Daoist Star Stepping, Using Star Stepping with Hand Seals, Incantations and Magic Seals, Summoning the Spirits of the Dead, Summoning Celestial Immortals,A must for those who wish to learn Taoist Magic

3.Daoist Magical Talismans By:Jerry Allen Johnson
 A comprehensive Introduction to Magic Talismans, Applications of Magic Talismans, Types of Magical Talismans (i.e., Talismans for Making Spirits Appear, Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant, Talismans for Shape Shifting, Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk, Talismans for Invisibility, Talismans To Heal Sickness, Talismans for Protection, Talismans for Destroying Friendships, and Talismans for Creating Sickness), The Origin of Magical Talismans, The Secret Teachings of Magic Talismans, Constructing a Magic Talisman, The Translations of Several Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books, Talismans used to Summon Spirits of the Dead, Talisman Used For Commanding Demons, Talismans used to Break into Hell and Free the Souls of the Dead, The Incantation for Summoning the Magical Powers of the Right, The Magic Skill of Celestial Master Zhang for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases, The Heavenly King’s Magic Talismans for Alleviating Disasters, Magic Seals for Energetically Activating Spirit Money, Talisman for Making Peace, Talisman and Incantation for Killing Pain and Stopping Bleeding, Talisman Seals Used For Binding and Containing Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Mao Shan Talismans Used To Induce Infatuation In Order to Keep a Mate....Fantastic book on the subject

2.Daoist Magical Tools By;Jerry Allen Johnson 
How to utilize the various magic tools used in both Daoist Folk Magic and Daoist Religious Magic.I need say no more on this book,a must read
1. Daoist Exorcism By:Jerry Allen Johnson

Ok,so I'm a little biased here since my main focus is conjuration and spirit work,but I've yet to read a better book on the subject,it contains the History of Exorcism, The Three Realms of Daoist Magic, Interactions with the Spirit World, Schools of Daoist Sorcery, Understanding Psychic Influence, Principles of Psychic Interference, Psychic Attacks, Types of Psychic Attacks, Symptoms That Indicate a Psychic Attack, Defending Against Psychic Attacks, Encounters With Ghosts, Types of Hauntings, Communicating with Ghosts, Encounters With Spirits, Historic Classification of Spirits and Immortals, Seductive Spirits, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits, Nature Spirits, Spirits of the Elemental Realms, Spirit Snakes and Spider Spirits, Sensations Attributed to the Presence of Spirit Entities, How and Why Negative Spirit Entities Attack, Self-Defense Against Spirit Entities, Protecting Children, Closing the Ghost Gate to Protect against Ghosts and Spirits, Encounters With Demonic and Evil Spirits, Demonology, Levels of Demonic Influence, Demonic Manifestation, Demonology According to Christian Mysticism, Historical Facts, Demonic Attacks, Encounters with Demon or Spirit Possessed Individuals, Demon or Spirit Oppression, Ten Reasons Why a Demon or Evil Spirit will Interact with an Individual, Three Stages of Demonic Assault (Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, and Demonic Possession), History of Possession, Signs and Symptoms of Spirit Possession, Signs and Symptoms of Demonic Possession, Exorcism, Functionality of Exorcism, Four Primary Stages of Exorcism, The Ritual of Summoning Spirits for Interrogation and Exorcism....and that's just the first 300 pages of this 575 page monster,The best of the best in Mister Allen's stable of wonderful Daoist books.

Well,that's it.I hope you have enjoyed my list for the LHP Art Worker who wants a deeper understanding of Daoist Magic...Till next time,stay gold. Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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