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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The kaihōgyō (回峰行?) ("circling the mountain") Magical Uber Experiment

On the evening of 10/14/16, From 1 pm till 4 am I planed on doing a Magical/Meditative experiment based on the The kaihōgyō (回峰行?) ("circling the mountain") ascetic practice performed by Tendai Buddhist monks. These are the full notes and results. But instead of Running I shall do it driving Uber. I will do it Fasted as required, only ingesting the Herbs Rauwolscine, Ginseng and Yohimbine at set times throughout the night. I shall sit in the Temple (My Ship) and recite the Fudo Myoo mantra constantly.
-noomaku sanmanda
bazaradan senda
sowataya un tarata kanman- (Homage to the all-pervading Vajras!
O Violent One of great wrath! Destroy! hûm trat hâm mâm)
I shall do this mentally in the jade place of my brain wile clients are in the car, and out loud or under my breath at all other times (I've done a comparative practice before, so I know I can keep it rolling in my head and hold a conversation, just not a detailed one.).
At 2am I will fetch water for offering from a special well (I've picked the Mississippi river for this task, as this is going to involve working with the Cities spirit as well, and river is her well of prosperity), as an offering for Fudō Myōō.
I shall don all White garb, with this color traditionally associated with death in Japanese culture and is required of the practice. I shall, as traditionally required, carry a dagger and rope with which to kill myself if I am unable to finish my practice (not to worry folks, not one monk has done so in 100 years, there is a clause that allows you to ask Fudō Myōō to suspend to practice until a later date, but you are cursed for life if you don't hold up your vow at lest once.
Why am I doing this? Because I am quite Mad, naturally, but the main reason is, that anything worth doing takes you beyond your comfort zone, and this in and of it's self is worth the price.Wish me luck folks, I shall give updates as the night progresses.
Stay Gold,
Vincent Piazza, Esquire
- swallowing a sword. The next morning he woke up coughing up blood, and long with it, his stupidity. From that day on, he was a gifted and wise student-

Rope, Dagger, Mala and Mantra I carried with me throughout the night...

Fudo Myoo magical experiment: update #1.

Captain's log: 4 hours in.

I am very focused and alert turning the mantra in my mind as I drive ( fun practice tip, if you sit down and do Japa with a Mala, visualize a wheel turning in your mind as you chant, then see each word attach to the wheel as you go through all 108 beads, when done just keep the wheel spinning as you move on with your day, it will automatically play the mantra in your head with minimal effort) yet it seems that Fudo is throwing traps and snares my way to test my focus and skill. I am not hungry or tired, yet a bit light headed, have just taken my second round of Herbs.
Another update in 5 hours.
Stay gold folks,
Vincent Piazza, esquire.

Fudo Myoo magical experiment update #2.

Captain's log:9:00 pm

Still running on a odd flaming focus, lips have become chapped and numb from chanting under my breath between rides. When I close my eyes for a moment, I can see the blue/red scowling face of Fudo superimposed over my own, and feel the cold red heat around my head. Godform assumption is not uncommon for meditation like this one. The mantra wheel that started in the back of my head, has grown unbidden by myself to encompass about one inch outside of my head, following a downward trend, nose, lips, China, through my Adam's apple, then back up to my Crown point once more. I've stopped for coffee to write this and will now take my third set of Herbs.
My next update should be during the water offering at 2 AM.
Stay gold folks,
Till then.
Fudo Myoo

Fudo Myoo magical experiment update #3. (Last one)
Captain's log: 2:00 AM
Gathering water from the river,
a pitiful -looking skeleton appeared and said these words:
A melancholy autumn wind
Blows through the world;
The grass waves,
As we drift to the swamp,
Drift to the sea.
What can be done
With the mind of a man
That should be clear
But though he is dressed up in white shirt and shorts,
Just lets life pass him by?
Toward 2 I dozed off on the side of my car, and in my dream I found myself surrounded by a group of skeletons . . . . One skeleton came over to me and said:
Flee and
Are no more.
All are empty dreams
Devoid of meaning.
Violate the reality of things
And babble about
"God" and "the Buddha"
And you will never find
the true Way.
Good night folks, I believe that this ritual was a success, but only Fudo knows the truth of it, and once he tells me yes or no, I have all ready began to fail.

Thank you for coming on this oratory with me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as Fudo did.

“The world is its own magic.”

– Shunryu Suzuki