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Friday, June 19, 2015


The  Practitioner of  the  Zuo  Dao (Sinister  Way) initiates the use of an individual's Gui (ghost)  and  Shen  (spirit)  and utilizes love,hope,desire, suffering,pain and fear in order to achieve the goals of acquiring power and control.This goes against the "normal" White use of Taoist magic that strips away emotion and draws from the Void itself.After experiencing a spiritual "Awakening," an individual's soul must grow and mature with the knowledge and new insights that it has gained.
Otherwise, there is  the potential of misusing the infinite power available  within the  teachings of both Yang and Yin.  Without  guidance  and instruction in energetic and spiritual integrity, the
innocence of the individual's awakened internal soul eventually enters into conflict as to how to
use and control this infinite power.All Practitioners of the Sinister Way start Yang,or Zheng Dao (True Way),as it is said in the Canon "The Wu of Yang seeks to gain control
over himself, while the Yao of Yin seeks to obtain control over others."Without true understanding and control over him or herself,The use of any dark Art will lead any practitioner to the disaloution of self. The use of sinister magic works with malevolent spirits and demonic entities by means of rituals,  pacts  and agreements, rites, seals, invocations, possessions and  other spiritual  practices  in  order to  initiate control by creating desire,strong emotion,  anxiety,  depression,  disease or death (physical, energetic and spiritual). This practice constitutes the principle functions of the demonic in Taoist Myth and legend.In Taoism,this type of sorcery was also called Yao Dao (the Way of the Demon), Yao Shu (Demon Skill), Yao  Fa  (Demon Law),  or Xie  Dao  (the  Evil  Way),  Xie  Shu  (Evil Skill), or Xie Fa (Evil Law). Yao Dao were famous for  their ability  to  use various  types  of poisons as  an instrument of  magic (known  as "Ku" sorcery). These priests could induce severe diseased states, initiate coma (in  order to  steal  a victim's soul or Po), or cause death.The practice of Xie Dao lends itself to many applications. For example, such sorcery can be used for creating love spells or infatuation spells, to cause a separation, to cause a victim to become impotent or infertile, to ruin a rival's business, or to cause insanity or death.  Taoist Exorcism Skills are still practiced by the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia to counter strike the black magic cast by the Bomoh / Pawangs in Malaysia and the Dukuns in Indonesia  , that are regularly engaged by people to cast black magic to destroy their enemies.Most systems of sorcery and black magic practiced throughout the world share similar rituals,east and west, even though they are practiced in different parts of the continents. One example of a similar type of ritual used by all practitioners of the sinster way is the Hex (or Voodoo)  Doll.
 In  Hexing Doll  Sorcery, an  effigy  made  of  straw,clay,cloth or flesh is fashioned  to represent  the  victim.  Hair,  nails  or any belongings of the victim are also attached to the Doll;  a  soul invocation (mantra) is recited to summon the intended victim's chi and energetically link it to the doll. Needles or pins are then stuck into the doll to inflict harm on the victim.This ritual is done the same way in almost every system I've come across it in, be it from the east,west noth or south.
The power of the Sinster way comes largely from the ability to summon and direct spirits, which
can exert tremendous power over an individual's Jing, Blood, Body Fluids, Qi and Shen.The Wu Zu  may  also  elicit the help of spirits of the dead, elementals, nature spirits, as well as demonic entities. Through their assistance, a worker can use  the natural energies  of  the  Earth,  working with the
celestial powers of planets and star constellations, performing divination, creating spirit guardians,
summoning  and  controlling  spirit  entities  that inhabit the mountains, forests  and lakes,  as well
as speaking secret incantations to effect physical changes in their victims or clients.

More will be written on this,and other things of the Sinister way soon,when I have the time,but for know I leave you with these words of The Old Dust 12 Poems (Part 9) by By Li Bai (李白)
The living is a passing traveler;
The dead, a man come home.
One brief journey betwixt heaven and earth,
Then, alas! we are the same old dust of ten thousand ages.
The rabbit in the moon pounds the medicine in vain;
Fu-sang, the tree of immortality, has crumbled to kindling wood.
Man dies, his white bones are dumb without a word
When the green pines feel the coming of the spring.
Looking back, I sigh; looking before, I sigh again.
What is there to prize in the life's vaporous glory?

Sources; "Daoist Exorcism: Encounters With  Priests, Ghosts, Spirits, and  Demons" by: Jerry Allen Johnson,"THE  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF  TAOISM" Edited by Fabrizio Pregadio ,Taoist sorcery blog by: master Kumantong

Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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