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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A character study:Victor Dee Strider

This is a Character study for the main Character in my upcoming movie, "The Conjuration of Victor Dee Strider,a Modern Faustian Tale"I plan on giving a full character Analysis of all the main parts in the movie to give you,as well as the Actors playing these roles a sense of what type of shoes they need to fill.I hope you enjoy it,almost as much as I've enjoyed Writing it!

Victor Dee Strider is a Master of the Arts of Magic,a Luciferian, as well as a drunk, gambler, thief,and con-man.Pro diabolism to his last breath,he is always looking for the long game,and the next trick.Very vain and always acts in a irreverent or blasphemous manner.There is a charming but idle, empty, hollow feeling about him,as if he's just playing the part a human being.But he wasn't always like this and has spent 20 years studying nearly every facet of the Occult sciences,from Traditional Chinese medicine to Norse runes to philosophy and theology. Victor has also been called upon in the past to teach his skills including his proficiency in the black arts,and took on many students.But as he rises up through his field and gains respect from some, fear from others,he begin to use Drugs and let his addictions control him.He started working for the Mob and the Triads at the same time as a Mage for hire and did the Black Mass for cold hard cash.The petty dabblers loved him,and told him so at every step. Still, nothing in this seedy underworld that he put himself in appeases his need for a broader understanding of the world of Magic and all that is in it. Victor was willing to give up everything he has to gain this understanding,but instead turned his back on the Art for wine,woman and a fast buck.This dissolution pervades everything he does.and after sometime of this,the lack of satisfaction and joy is too much and he becomes a hermit in his house, rarely talking to anyone or going out.And then he gets sick,starts seeing things,even the smallest spell he casts bring strange results.He goes to a Doctor friend he knows in the Mob,and finds out some horrible news,He has a Brain Tumor growing in his head,and it has been there for quite some time,he has 3 weeks to live.

Victor is on a desperate quest to find answers,and it shows in every move he makes; to discover how he can trick his way into completing the great work,and how this will affect his place in the larger scheme of things.Victor has a messiah complex which only gets larger as the story goes on.He is unaware how far he has fallen that he had become an entertainment for the fools that follow him,as well as the spirits that he works with,he is the subject of their admiration and scorn in equal parts.His amorality and cynicism give, what would be a very dull character, life.And as he comes to grips with the fact that he is going to die we see a glimpse of Humility and a resigned acceptance of his fate.But,this quality never lasts for long,and his pride and tenacity often rears its head through out the movie.

He often wears a hat and vest,Sometimes a full suit in the 1950's style of men's dress,at others just a Heavy Metal T-shirt and jeans.Walks around like he owns the place,but as we get deeper into the film we see him start to shrink in on himself at times and even have some self-doubt.Defiant till the end,and no regrets,That is Victor Dee Strider.


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