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Monday, June 22, 2015

A luciferi and his thoughts on conjuration,magick and the left hand path

IMAG0783[1]Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,My Name is Vincent Piazza and this my Blog on all things related to Magick,The Goetic Arts,Conjuration,Taoism,Luciferianism and the Left Hand Path as it is seen today by a practicing Taoist, Diabolist and Magician like myself.I will also be posting updates on my new book "The Grimorium Carceris", Progress on the movie that I am working on called "The Conjuration of Victor Dee Strider", as well as posting research on all subject matter so that other Practitioners can comment and correct me on the glaring mistakes that I am very likely to make.Let's start this little tale with a few things about me,I've been a Dog Trainer,Bank Robber,Strip club Doorman,Salesman of Opera seats,Ironworker,Manager of an S&M club in San Francisco,College student,Dockworker, IT Professional and am currently running a small shop in New Orleans that sells Bartending supplies,Pipes and Swords.During all of that time my one true passion has been the study of Magick and the Occult,mainly the forms of Ritual that have some relevance to the calling of spirits,be it Demon,Angel,God or what have you.I am also a Dedicated Taoist and mix much of the older Arts of Taoist inner alchemy and magical practices into my own work.In my subjective worldview I see the path of the Taoist Immortal and the end Goal of the Left Hand Path to be one in the same.Needless to say this is not a popular theory with most Taoist priests or Wu,but it has been gaining steam in a few groups of the sinister persuasion.I do hope you enjoy what I have to share in this small corner of the web,and look forward to having a grand discussion on the Art with each and everyone of you who visit me here.

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