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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tahuti Rising

(Take on the form of Thoth, and invoke)

Oh thou Majesty of the self-Godhead, wisdom crowned Tahuti, Lord of the gates of the universe, thee, thee I invoke!

Oh thou whose head is an Ibis, thee, thee I invoke!

 Thou hold in thy right hand the Set headed wand of power, and who holds in thy left hand the scourge of knowledge, thee, thee I invoke!

 Thou whose head is as emerald, and whose Nemyss is as the night sky blue, thee, thee do I invoke!

Behold, I am yesterday, today and the brother of tomorrow! I am born again and again. Mine is the unseen force where from the gods are sprung, which giveth life onto the dwellers in the watchtowers of the universe. I am the charioteer in the East, Lord of the past and the future, who see us by his own inward light. And the Lord of resurrection, who cometh forth from the dusk, and whose birth is from the house of death. O thee two divine hawks upon your pinnacles who keep watch over the universe! Ye who company the bier onto its house of the rest, who piloted the ship of raw ever advancing to the height of heaven! Lord of the shrine which stand if in the center of the earth! Behold! He is in me and I am in him! Mine is the radiance that walks in the darkness, as I float over the ferment. I travel upon high, and lower my step winged sandals touched the earth. I tread upon Asgard, I walk the streets of Rome, I watch over the thieves of Greece, I raise a black flame with the lightning of mine Eye. If I say, come forward from the ground, the spirits shall heed to my command. For I am Thoth incarnate, khephra rising from the black sun. My father TMU, watches from the city of the sun. I am the self generated God who lives within my throat. I am the self generated God who finds wisdom within my heart. My tongue is truth and lies, and this self generated God sits upon my lips. My work is accomplished every day without fail, since I am eternal and Hermes lives within my head the universe acts according to my designs and all things obey my words. Do come forth to see me Hermes, Mercury, Odin, Thoth, by whatever name I called thee for I am,and we shall ever remain nameless until the Sands reclaim the waters. Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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