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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Opening of a Left Hand Path Taoist Altar in Practice...

11124426_903043269734590_426792637_nWarning!All of the work that I do is experimental and is a mix of Taoist magical arts and Left hand path ritual methodology,I accept no responsibly for your state of mind,spirit or life if you try and repeat my practice.

The "Opening" of my LHP Taoist magical ritual begins with the rites of Purification, Grounding, Casting the Magical Bagua Circle, and Calling the Gods of the Four Directions to the altar, described as follows: To begin the Opening Ceremony, I first washed my stinking corpse and put on clean clothes,I never work with shoes on to give an easier access to Earth and underworld Qi.I spoke the words of Purification and focused on my Cinnabar Fields, or dantian as I did so:

"The God Tai Shang Lao Jun and Lord Beelzebuth
always observes and responds
to all of the changes in the world.
They drive away the unworthy
and confines the ghosts.
They save lives
and protects the people.
They provide wisdom
and purifies my mind and heart.
They makes my mind and heart tranquil
and helps to stabilizes my mind and heart
so that my soul will find immortality.
Quickly, quickly carry out this Order
As a Mandate of my will"
"An - Fu - Jie - Fu - Luo -
Ban - Ruo - Bo - Luo - Mi "

"The spirit of the mouth is Dan Zhu,
he spits the filthy Qi out of my mouth.
The spirit of the tongue is Zheng Lun,
he connects my destiny,
and cultivates my spirit.
The spirit of the teeth is Lou Qian,
he removes the false,
and protects the truth.
The spirit of the throat is Hu Pen,
he refines the dew,
and transmutes the Qi and Shen.
The spirit of the heart is Dan Yuan,
he allows me to connect with the truth.
The spirit of the thoughts is Si Shen,
he refines my fluids
and forever preserves
the energy of the Tao,in the name of Lucifer I preserve my Qi!"

"An - Xiu - Ni - Duo - Luo - Niu"


"The Heavenly Lord Ling Bao, The Lovely lady Astaroth,
Pacifies and reassures my body
My Hun and Po are disciples
of the profound mystery
of the Five Organs.
Green Dragon and White Tiger
bring everything into order
Phoenix and Turtle/Snake
serve and protect me
with the truth"
"An - Ao - La - Xiu - Li -
Mo - Ke - Ba - Mi - Niu"


I then pour fresh water and wine into the cups on the altar table,and recite the INCANTATION TO REMOVE TURBID QI and THE FIVE DRAGON REMOVE MORBID QI INCANTATION,walk around the room and make sure All of the doors and windows are closed,light most,but not all of the candles and began to bring in Qi from above and below,moving it within my Orbit and packing it into my Dantian until I can no longer hold it,I push my Dantian out until I am surrounded by a sphere that fills the space. I then lock the sphere in place with these words.

"Heaven and Earth and Hell are the Natural law!
As their spirit manifests,
Filthy Qi disperses!
The Mysterious Void within
is radiant and bright,
invoking the presence
of My Supreme Original Immortality!
!t invokes the spiritual powers
of the Eight Directions, and makes me
Authentic and Immortal!
The Ling Bao Command Talismans,
teach people how to reach
the Nine Levels of Heaven,and the Nine Levels of Hell!
As you ascend to the Heavens
all sadness in left behind!As you descend to the Hells all wisdom is gained!
If you understand the Great Mystery of the Big Dipper,
You will have the power
to befriend devils and bind demons!
And possess the ability
to kill 10 thousand ghosts!
The Incantation of
the Spirit of the Middle Mountain,
and the Jade Text of the Primordial Origin!
To hold and recite them one time
prevents disease and extends your life by one year!
To travel to the Five Sacred Mountains,
will give you the knowledge of everything
under the Heavens and Hells,
and the ability to bind and call powerful devils and gods!
I do this so that I can
protect my sacred altar,
and disperse and remove all negative Qi,
and forever keep
the energy of the Dao,for this is my will made manifest!"

I then use THE NINE PHOENIX INCANTATION to call and Summon
The Great Spiritual Powers of the Eight Trigrams, Qian, Kun, Gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun, and Dui! By doing so I lay a Bagua to establish the boundary of the Altar and make it the cauldron, or Ding for the Qi to collect in.f37b5-i2bching
I then Light the Incense and make offerings to the spirits and gods present,by this time the Air is very heavy and thick,many spirits have come to this opening so I must calm myself and focus on the task.

I open the Altar with these words:

"Tonight I Open the Altar
The incense is burning in the Burner!
The Jade Letters are revealing
The secret way to remove Negative Qi
I pay tribute to the Jade Emperor,Lucifer,BeelzeButh,Astoroth,
and kowtow three times,
to pay respect to these worthy Immortals!
I come to the altar
and receive endless blessings,
even the dead can receive new life!
To the Gods who remove Turbid Qi
I bow low!
I use the Baji (8 Supreme Energies)
in accordance with the Bagua
to establish the boundary of the
Altar of the Original Essence!
According to my will,
I now pay tribute to these Grand Spirits! Tonight, at my Daoist Altar,
I burn incense in order to call and invite
the gods of the Eight Trigrams:
Qian of Heaven, Kun of Earth,
Li of Fire, and Kan of Water
Gen of Mountain, Xun of Wind,
Zhen of Thunder, and Dui of Lake!
From the Southern Red Heaven,
And Three Realms, we invite
the Jade Light of the Great Nine Phoenix
Removing Turbid Qi General! He removes all Turbid Qi
from the Five Directions
and protects the altar,
subduing all spirits!
Because I am sincere,
the altar is now
peaceful and still!
And now I present
his Open Command Talisman
with all Sincerity,
and offer the report!"

I Open the Altar
and present
the Tai Shang Spirit Treasure
Open The Altar Talisman,
To the God Beelzebuth
My personal Guardian!
Today I invite the Gods and Demons who guide me
to come to this altar,
and to kill all evil spirits sent to harm me!
Guide the lonely, departed souls,
and bring them all to another world!
The Heavenly Gate is now open,The Gates of Hell are now open,
and all of the celestial gods are bowing,all of the Lords of Hell are cheering,
The Three Realms are now expecting,
All of the Devils and Angels must now be submissive
or they must kill themselves! You can hear the sound
of beautiful jade clicking!
All surroundings are peaceful and quiet,
As if ordered by the Immortal within me.
The Order is quickly transmitted,
as fast a wind fire!
And the Thunders of the Great Dao
are all assisting Me in My Work!
In this year 2015,
In this month June,
And, on this auspicious night,the 24th!"

I then preformed a very long Water Invocation that is too long to write this time I'm in a very deep trance state,so then sat and skryed upon the crystal, asked for Visions of what is to come with my work with this Altar,received them,Thanked the spirits and Immortals for attending,pulled all of the Qi back into my Dantain,drained about half of it into the Earth to ground,and stored the rest.I let the offering and incense stand overnight,as well as My Hat upon the Earth Altar to pull in any residue Qi.I'm quite pleased with the rite,and all of the spirits I spoke to seemed to approve as well.....Once again,I do warn you to not try this at home.Till next time Friends,stay gold.



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