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Friday, June 12, 2015


The Command Block (Ling Pai) is sometimes known as "The Calling of the 10,000 Spirits" (Zong
Zhao Wan Ling), "The Imperial Decree Block" (Chi Ling Pai), "The Command of the Five Thunders"
(Wu  Lei  Ling),  and  "The  Thunder  Command Block"  (Lei  Ling Pai) . The Command Block originated from the "Tiger Talisman," and was used in ancient China for giving orders to the imperial armies.I've adapted this Daoist Tool of magic to my own work and have used it to great effect with the sigils of Lucifer and Beelzebub.The one in the photo above will be the third I've invested, and I've had fantastic results with the ones that I have empowered before.The concept of using magical Command Blocks for summoning the Celestial Martial Generals was originally taken from this ancient military model. Book of Accordance with  Spirits states: "The Command Block was recorded in  the  Rites of the  Zhou  (1028-221  B.C.) , in which an ivory block was traditionally used for arousing armies into action. The copper Tiger Talisman of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 220 A.D .) was round in  the upper part and  square  in  the  lower  part with  five  characters  inscribed  on it,  and  it  was shaped like a dewdrop. The back of the talisman was carved with a sitting tiger and an inscription of  the  following  words: "The Tiger  Talisman  is Made for Summoning Generals." The  modern Thunder  (Command)  Blocks that I've used are usually made of wood, measure 4 to 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 8 / 74 thick.But these dimensions are not set in stone (or wood,as the case my be) Think of it as a muti use magical Talisman that channels the power of the God or Demon that you invest it with. On the back of the Command Block, the magical seal of the Art worker is carved above any and all spirits that are in his or her service. On  the front  of  the Command  Block ,the  magical  seal  carved  above  the "Heavenly  Command"(a sigil created to give you Authority, control,and influence over all that you see or hear within your temple) is the sigil of the God or Demon that you plan to command in the name of.In the old system of the Daoist Wu,It was a  magical  reproach or  rebuke  of  the  Three  Celestial  Emperors  (i.e.the Jade  Emperor,  the  Yellow  Emperor,  and  the Purple Emperor),but since most Western LHP magi do not work with such Archetypes,I've found a self made sigil wile Inovking the God or Demon works best . Because the Command  Block  contains the magical  power  of  thunder, it  should  always  be placed in a vertical position, with its base rooted on the Earth and its rounded top pointed towards the sky. In magic rituals, the Conjurer's right hand embraces the Thunder Block with his thumb positioned over the image of the sigil .This makes it easy for the Conjurer to imagine infusing it with the celestial or infernal power of the Demon or God. The edge of the Thunder Block is then slammed down onto the Earth Altar when issuing commands(or upon the floor of the place of working). This striking action  is  used  to  alert, summon, and command any and all Spirits that do not fall under your sway,or have been sent to your Temple by an enemy Conjurer who means you ill,It can also be used to clear the Dead from a home or administer help to those within the human realm and the underworld. I plan on writing more on this tool of the Art,and will include the whole process of Investment in my up coming book.Till next time.... Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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