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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Left Hand Way and the Five Thieves

When I Observe the Left Hand Path,
I Attend to the activities of my Magick, And that is all there is to do,attend.
The Path has Five Thieves;
One who perceives this prospers.
The Five Thieves are in the heart-mind.
They extend to and even affect my life.
The canopy of space and time is in my hands.
Ten thousand transformations arise from my body.
The innate nature of the Left Hand Path is the shedding of humanity.
The human heart-mind is the pivot.
Establishing the Sinister Way,stopping movement,watching time tick.
Enables the settling of of a time and place that knows no start or end.
When the Path manifests killing power,
It moves the stars and shifts the constellations. When the Way manifests killing power.
Dragons and snakes continually emerge.
When humans manifest killing power,
Heaven and earth are overturned.
When the Path and the Way join and manifest,
The ten thousand transformations have a stable base.
here are ingenious and awkward natures—
They can be subdued and concealed.
The aberrations of the Nine Cavities,of what you want,or what you think you need.
Are in the Three Essentials;
They can be aroused or stilled.
When fire arises from wood,
Calamity manifests with certain destruction.
When treachery arises in the moments of your life that once made sense,
Time moves with certain destruction,and Lucifer teaches you a valuable lesson.
Those who know this practice cultivation and refinement,the striping away of self; We call such people Left Hand Path Adepts.

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