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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Character Study:Samael

The next in my series of character analysis for the upcoming movie “The conjuration of Victor Dee Strider”.Prince of the demons, and an important figure both in Talmudic and in post-Talmudic literature, where he appears as accuser, seducer, and destroyer. His name is etymologized as = "the venom of God," since he is identical with the angel of death, who slays men with a drop of poison ('Ab. Zarah 20b; Kohut, "Angelologie und Dämonologie," pp. 69, 71). It is possible, however, that the name is derived from that of the Syrian god Shemal (Bousset, "Religion," p. 242).Samael the husband of Eisheth Zenunim, Na'amah, Lilith and Agrat Bat Mahlat, all being 'angels' of sacred prostitution,is a smooth operator,the Epitome of class and the "chief of Satans". As the incarnation of evil he is the celestial patron of the empire of Rome, with which Edom and Esau are identified,and now that America has taken the stage,he walks the land and does his business anew.Cool as a block of ice, He flies through the air like a bird and, while the ḥayyot and ofannim have only six wings, he has twelve, and commands a whole army of demons.Never without wit, or a velvet word to say,his lips drip with the sweetness of poison,and Victor is no match for this Angel.
He is the serpent, carnal desire,and the angel of death all rolled into one.He and his demonic host descended from heaven to seduce the first human pair,and he is still seducing to this day. He planted the vine, the forbidden tree of paradise,and loves to give knowledge to man whenever he can.Was one of the leaders of the angels who married the daughters of men,and now will go down to a suburb of Atlanta on a Wednesday and pick up a soccer mom just for fun.Black suit,Black tie,crisp white shirt is what he prefers these days. He presides over the second "teḳufah" (solstice) and the west wind of the fourth teḳufah, as well as the third day of the week.He is so bloody powerful The spot in the moon is supposed to have been caused by the evil stain of his work. Rabbi Isaac states:
'Truly I shall give you a hint, that the reason for all the jealousies which exist between the princes mentioned above, and the [other, good] princes which belong to the seven classes, the classes of the holy angels which are called 'the guardians of the walls,' the reason which evokes hatred and jealousy between the heavenly powers and the powers of the supreme host, is one form which is destined for Samael, and it is Lilith, and it has the image of a feminine form, and Samael is in the form of Adam and Lilith in the form of Eve. Both of them were born in a spiritual birth as one, similar to the form of Adam and Eve, like two pairs of twins, one above and one below. Samael and the Eve the Elder, which is called the Northern one, they are emanated from below the Throne of Glory, and this was caused by the Sin.'
14samaelHe is unknowable,the last word in Sin and corruption,and a class act in all things that he set his hand to,Eve couldn't resist him,nor will you. This is our Samael!

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