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Friday, July 17, 2015

Facebook occult Drama

Vincent Piazza:

We have all dealt with this troll once or twice on Facebook,pseudo intellectual is the norm….

Originally posted on Occult news:

Facebook Occult Drama
Reverend.Dr.Robert Fraize


Many of you who read this blog are also on Facebook and are members of many Occult/satanist “groups”
I have had arguments with people many times but it takes a special kind of pseudo Satanist to make ask my self what the fuck is wrong with them?
these pseudo Satanists hate it when you prove them wrong in a debate by using facts and definitions. they hate it because you make them look like fools and they can no longer use their misinformation on you to control your mind.

We all have our own view of Satan/Satanism and we each should be walking our own path not a path paved by someone else and this is something that seems to bother people when I bring this philosophy up in many of these groups.

Today I was having a civilized conversation with someone regarding the…

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