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Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Look at the Left Hand Path without rose tinted glasses

To do that, I needed to see a plausible reason why anyone would hold such a theory as the ONA held. I could see little plausibility in what the most of the writers on the subject said was the obvious reason.Unable to see either the obvious meaning or make any sense of the attributed obvious doctrine that those who knew the ONA saw, I felt like the youngster viewing the emperor's new clothes. Was I meaning-blind? Was I narrow-minded? Should I just accept that fundamentally different kinds of things could be reasons for LHP thinkers? How could I discover that liberating truth unless I had that elusive direct access to the gossamer threads of meaning that others seemed to see? But try after try, I could only see characters. No aura, no shimmering flashes of meaning met my
eyes. The challenge was to understand what else it could reasonably mean. Anton,Webb,Flowers,
my instinctive assumptions abut these gentlemen are realistic. An expression has a meaning,but only to the writer holding the quill. Luciferianism proposes a theory of what that meaning is.And so does Satanism.Hell,even the dictionary is only a theory. A translation of a passage presupposes the translator's theory; it is not evidence for it.
When we adopt different meaning theories we attribute to the writer different beliefs. If I say that the Entity Lucifer (archetype, tupla, eidolon,take your pick) means dog and you say that it means horse, I attribute to the writer the belief that there is a dog over there and you attribute to him the belief that there is a horse over there. An interpretive theory of a language is more
plausible when it better explains the beliefs it attributes to those who wrote it.
The standard theory attributes an incoherent, mystical, irrational set of beliefs to most on the Left Hand Path.If you put a group of Satanists and Luciferians in a room with a bunch of American Zen and Tibetan Buddhists,you could hardly tell them apart,other then the fact that one group hates Christians and the other Buddhists. That, and not appeal to unity for change within ones self,is the unifying Flag for the Path these days.And it is a waste time to hate those who hold you in such contempt.Mock them,have a joke and a smile ,then sit down and do your own work toward Godhood and Immortality.And that work on the Path can only be done within yourself,not outside pointing fingers at those who you despise.
Suppose a defender of the standard Left Hand Path thought says,“The rules of life are not to be found in Korans, Bibles, Decalogues and Constitutions, but rather the rules of decadence and death. The “law of laws” is not written in Hebrew consonants or upon tables of brass and stone, but in every man’s own heart. He who obeys any standard of right and wrong, but the one set up by his own conscience, betrays himself into the hands of his enemies, who are ever laying in wait to bind him to their millstones. And generally a man’s most dangerous enemies are his neighbors.”
― Ragnar Redbeard, Might Is Right.And then the Luciferian points his finger and utters with spittle flecked lips. "But it's not a failure of our interpretive theory that the Satanists seem irrational. They in fact are!" This simply
begs the question,where is our unity outside of Hate? If they add, "Look, here is what they say," and produce a copy of Might is Right, they then rely on the very theory that is in dispute. Suppose a Setian may add,
"The Satanists may reason differently from the way we reason,we are an evolution of that theory,something more intelligent,refined." I simply ask how they could know such a thing. "Well, look at the Satanist!" That begs the question again,don't look at the Left Hand Path label you think is "less" then yours,spend sometime looking at yourself and see we all want the samething. The only way to confirm the "it doesn't matter if our beliefs seems irrational" hypothesis is to show that on no plausible interpretive theory can we make sense of it. Nothing, of course, can force one to give up bad theories. But if it is a better theory, we ought to adopt it.So lets start coming up with better theories,ones that support the Luciferian,The Satanist,and the Setian (not to forget the Theistic and Atheistic of all those branches of thought)But,this is just one Luciferian's thoughts on the subject,and I can only speak for myself in this matter. Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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