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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Interesting shop find,Vodou Spirit Bottle from Haiti......

Interesting shop find ,Vodou Spirit Bottle from Haiti, the African tradition of warding off evil was adapted to trapping the spiritual essence of everything from an animal to a love object inside the bottle. Once trapped inside, it was believed, the spirit was at the command of the keeper – in many instances a Bokor Vodou practitioner intent on doing harm, but just as often a spirit bottle might be kept by an amorous suitor eager to make a certain loved one cleave only to him or her.
This bottle is of unknown Providence and is filled with Hair,a photo and a Vévé spell on parchment.It feels very Petro to me(Petro lwa are associated with the color red) and does not have the milder Rada lwa energy to it at all.I have a working relationship with Carrefour and so plan on asking him on Sunday.Maitre Carrefour (Met Kalfou or Kafou in Creole) and Cimetiere (Semetye in Creole), Master Crossroads and Cemetery, form along with Simbi Makaya the Petro triumvirate of magicians.Often you must go from Crossroads to Cemetery, and Crossroads asking Cemetery for permission to pass.And just so no one is confused,Legba Petro is not Met Carrefour. Legba Petro is the "path" or
aspect of Legba who opens the way for the Petro lwa....But that is for another post,at another time.

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