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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My opinions on magic and the left hand path

Warning!Opinions are like assholes,we all have them,but some of usdon't clean them often enough.What I write here are mine,and mine alone.I speak for no group or organization,just My Hat and I reflecting on what I have found to be true for my practice in the last 25 years.One of the concepts that exists in left-hand path,is the idea of going against nature. The same thought appears in Tantra and the Qabalah (including the Qlippoth) ,to raise the Kundalini or combine with Kether,you must walk backwards to the time when the universe was void or Ain.The Right and Left Hands of magic both have ways of going about this,and although the end goal is different,the methods and technology is often the same thing with a different colored robe on.As a Taoist and a LHP magician I see things from a more "Flowing with the water" point of view then most of my peers.The end result of the Left Hand Path is Immortality,or Divinity,and that means becoming less human,not more.when we tend to immure ourselves to the human contortion and push against what is coming at us from the void,we have a tendency to become sad,lost and all the more mortal then ever before.But,if we stand still and let stream flow around us,and watch the way currents and ripples happen in our lives,we can see just the right step to move sideways and progress along our way.
In my Work it's all about using the flow of Qi (power,Magic,Prana,The Force,pick one,go home and re-think your life :)  )in the most subtle way,the small step,the pebble that moves mountains.Sometimes this pebble needs to be Adversarial,thrown forward against the stream to make a ripple ahead of me causing strife that brings much needed change.At others,I must turn and skip my rock with the current,letting it become a spiral that creates life,feeds the fish of my stream with the energy that my intention stirs.As long as stand firm,and move from side to side,the dead trees and bloated Cow carcasses that come my way can be avoided.
If you stand in the stream of magic long enough,just like anything that is washed be water for quite sometime,you start to lose that outer coating that makes you "human" and your true-self and inner god starts to shine through.Then it gets tough,the things ahead of you become more temping,begging you to push ahead and want or acquire more.And as the current gets stronger,wouldn't it be nice to just fall back and go with the flow,to follow the stream to it source and become one with the godhead?All Practitioners reach this point if they work the Art for any considerable amount of time.And if you find yourself there,I advise you to ask yourself,"What would happen if I just stood firm and let those tempting things come to me by attraction instead of the chasing after them?" "If I go with the flow,am I following my own Will,or the design of an entity or force that I don't understand or agree with?"
The Left hand Path,for me at least,is a Sideways walk to Immortality, and often times that means being Adversarial,Obstinate,Questioning the accepted forms and saying No often and loudly.Never accept what is said to be the "right" way or "wrong" way,Just stop for a moment or two (or 30 minutes a day)and watch what is happening in your life and your Practice,if it's not going the way you wish,make the changes that are needed to bring about that happiness that your after,but make them where you're standing,start there before you go rushing forward or back.
Disclaimer:No Right Hand or Left hand path adapts,witches or chaos magicians were harmed in the writing of this post,any pain or dismemberment that happens if you deside to follow my words or path is completely your responsibility,and this Magician reserves the right to point at you and make razz-berries in your general direction.
Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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