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Friday, July 10, 2015

A review of Spring(2015) -By:Vincent Piazza

Spring�(2015) - Rotten Tomatoes
-  Directed By:Aaron Scott Moorhead, Justin Benson

Such a fantastic movie.Part love story,Part Lovecraftian mystery,with some Horror thrown in just for spice,at just the right times.
Without giving away too much,the film is about a guy named Evan,who has lost his mother and father to hard luck,then his job from a bar fight.He is such a sadsack that he can't even have a pity-lay thrown his way with an old girlfriend after his mom dies.So his best friend (who got him into the fight with the word Cock-Holster,we needed to see more of this guy,but perhaps in part 2!)Tells him he needs a new outlook on life.So, he decides to go to Europe on an unplanned vacation and that is where he runs into a mysterious beauty named Louise. Louise works in a lab , only comes out at night,Only wants to have sex and keeps Evan guessing. She evades questions and pictures, says she does not love him and just wants to be with him on her terms.You think you may know where this is going,but the truth is,you have not a clue.The camera work, the scenery, the landscapes were so beautiful but at the same time set the tone for the secrecy of the country.And that's the whole point of the movie,a secret that is slowly being unwrapped,like a flower..and if you watch this film you will know what I mean by that statement.
When you finally start to put 2+2 together and find 5,you and Evan will try to put everything you two have learned into place,but you,like him, more then a few times in this film,may have a hard time wrapping your head around the terrifying secret that Louise is hiding. This is a horror movie about love and you only fall in love one or twice in a lifetime,and as Evan proves,you just don't get a choice sometimes.If your looking for a film with heart,Tentacles,and a secret that will make you shake your head in wonder, this is just the flick you've been looking for.Two Claws Up!

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