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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Grimorium Carceris.... An introduction to the work.

“The Old ones are stabilized, to a degree, by the consumption of the Elixir within the fire of the body. But they remain Volatile at best and must be dealt with carefully. Herein lies the Knowledge necessary for the Invocation/Evocation of these Forces. These Magicks Should be dealt with only by the experienced, and then at their own risk. This path leads to great power, but also to Madness and Death. There is great danger, but even Greater Reward. You walk the Abyss, Balanced as a Feather upon the Razor=edge of Madness. Walk carefully, Know, Dare and keep Silent. “ Inspired by Kenneth Grant R.I.P.

This is a dangerous book, but all books are dangerous in one way or another. As a grimoire it breaks all the rules, throws accepted magical theory out of the window , sets it on fire; and watches it burn to ash. You see, gentle reader, most of this work was written in prison; as the name reflects ”Grimorium Carceris” is Latin for “The grimoire of prison” but it also means, “The book of commencement of freedom”. For the world is a prison, and the only form of freedom we shall ever know is the application of knowledge for a better life and that, fellow practitioners, is what this work represents to me.

This is a body of work forged in chains by a mage whose only freedom was the Art magick for many years. This is a work of passion and obsession, pain and self-growth. By sharing my work with all of you I hope to gain wisdom and spread the understanding of the black flame, in the art that is referred to as magick. So sit back, grab a drink and some tobacco if you enjoy that type of thing and prepare yourself for the journey I shall bring on, such wondrous sites I have to show you. This is a working grimoire: none of it is sanitized, it has been stained with blood, coffee, sperm and various other elixirs and fluids. It is filled with misspellings, rewrites and passages written while in a state of trance. The work is focused on the practices of Taoist inner alchemy, evocation, conjuration, and the traveling of the Tunnels of Set as well as the Enochian Ayhters. I shall cover basic ritual work and structure, but only as it applies to the above subjects. There will be some divination and philosophy thrown in as well, since it played a vital role in the formation of my practice.

The rituals laid down in this book are written from a left-hand path point of view, but the principles may be adapted to any practice. These are ancient doctrines regarding the mathematical – geometrical foundations of the universe, much like music or poetry. And since we all vibrate at different rates , magick is the eternal state that can only be explained by what it is not. It comes from the void, the empty space that makes all things useful. Magick does not care if you use it for good or for evil, does not give half a tinker’s damn what church you go to, the color of your skin, if you sleep with donkeys or who you vote for. It is a blind force shaped by our subjective will. To quote Peter J Carroll “Any sufficiently advanced form of magick will appear indistinguishable from science” for now, in this small introduction that is all I will say on the subject. Gadzooks! You mean to tell me he’s not going to quote Crowley! Or go on and on about the laws of magic, and wax poetic about black magic and white, red magic and the pros and cons of the threefold law (or whatever the kids are calling karma these days). No I will leave that to the theologians and the more theoretically minded magicians among us. I like to keep my magic down in the dirt, the grime, the place where worms dwell; for the spirits that I’ve spoken to seem most comfortable there. You see, I believe DNA is the key to talking to spirits. We as human beings are filled with spirits; each bacterium within our bodies is a spiritual entity in and of itself. The biospheric network of DNA-based life gives power to any form of spirit work we wish to undertake, consciousness resides on a molecular level “no simple theory can compare with the enormous complexity revealed by modern genetics”(Robert Wesson).Delocalization techniques, Controlled dreams, fasting, pain, orgasm, isolation, drum trance, near death and deep meditative trance, these are the gateways to speak the spirits in all cultures. And by matching these gateways to the correspondences and the cultures of the spirits you wish to communicate with, the conjurer can perform successful contact each and every time he or she enters the ritual chamber....Read the full Intro in the new issue of Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza


  1. I love the raw nature of your approach to practice. I look forward to meeting you. - Ain Volk of Houston

    1. Thank you Ain,I look forward to meeting you as well!

  2. I woke up reading something brilliant that has me thirsting for more- Vincent's introduction to his book "Grimorium Carceris". This is a book that should remain on the shelf of, and passed down to, all practitioners, soul searchers, and seekers. Well done!