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Friday, May 29, 2015

The sigil of Lucifer

The Sigil of Lucifer was first documented in the 16th century (1517) Grimoirium Verum also known as the Grimoire of Truth. The document was authored as a practical guide to invoking and working with Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth, and their lesser daemons, This sigil has become synonymous with Lucifer for close to half a century but was actually the third sigil of Lucifer noted in the first book of the Grimoirium Verum. This third sigil was the only one that was created on a 9 by 9 (order 9) magic square, which no doubt explains its use and popularity over the first two sigils.The order 9 magic square that the Sigil of Lucifer is believed to be created upon represented the number 369. The number 369 would be the sum of all the numbers added together whether the numbers in the magic square were added horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Furthermore, consider the square (grid) of 9 columns, 9 rows deep and the sum of any of them added totaling 369, which when added 3 + 6+ 9 = 18, which further reduced would be 1 + 8 = 9, we can only suspect that there may be some significance. The purpose of the Sigil of Lucifer is that of an instrument of visual invocation during ritual. By performing the appropriate ritual, the sigil acts as a gateway to invoke and bestow the power and presence of Lucifer.To Quote Brother Ehren William =The Sigil or Seal of Lucifer is an ancient representation of one of the many deific masks of the Adversary, in this case Lucifer; the Light Bringer. We Luciferians choose the name Lucifer out of the many forms as our label. Our Church Sigil includes the classical Sigil of Lucifer along with other symbols representing self-englightenment, self-liberation, and self-illumination.

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