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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Left Hand Path of Taoism

I'd like to talk about The Left Hand Path of Taoism.These are the ones that follow the “Tao of the Left”, “Left Handed Paths” or “Side Doors” teachings. They practice sorcery that is extremely fierce. Some of them have great spiritual powers,and some are Tricksters out for the money(sounds like a few LHP Brothers and Sisters we all know).Taoist Sorcery comes in many different forms it may be elements such as Wood, Earth, Metal,Water, and Fire combined. They may even use spirits of the deceased to do their bidding, words and sounds (mantra) formulated into certain vibrations to effect a physical change in others, the earth’s meridian, astrological constellations, natural energies, guardians, spirits and beings that inhabits the mountain, forest, or even a lake. Whether it’s white or black magic depends on the motivation of the practitioners. It is usually used to fulfill some wish quickly that is impossible to accomplish by normal means. For me the Path of Taoism is Very Luciferian,The 10th through 14th centuries saw an outgrowth of Taoist factions, many of which were forthright in their practice of magic, and decried by older, more philosophical schools. The practice of "black magic" grew, describing what was believed to be a perversion of pure Taoist ritual for secular, tainted magic, which often did not hesitate to draw on the names of older, more prestigious schools in the search for legitimacy. This spread of black magic was countered with the introduction of "Thunder Magic," a new practice meant for combating black magic. By t
he end of this time, Taoist masters were made ministers in the Imperial government, and given the right to ordain and rank Taoist adepts.Most recently, Taoists were forced to flee the onset of Communism, though because many masters of its arts did not practice in monasteries or temples, they continued to simply teach under the noses of the government.Over the years, Taoist practices and schools have occasionally run afoul of the law - whether a case of mystics taking up rebellious causes, or rebels embracing mysticism varies from instance to instance. Some examples include the White Lotus Society (from the 12th to 19th Century), the Golden Elixir Society and the Righteous Harmony Fist, or the "Boxers," for whom the Boxer Rebellion was named. These secret societies invariably absorbed secretive and sometimes even criminal practices; many of the Triads claim to trace their descent to these groups, and even today the Triads embrace taoist symbolism in their naming conventions ,In South East Asia sorcery is rampant. There are numerous types of sorcery practiced, especially love spell or infatuation spell, sorcery to ruin a rival business, sorcery to cause death, insanity, separation, and even to cause a victim impotent!
In Indonesia a renowned type of poison called “Santau” is feared by the community there. Any victims that happen to consume such poison suffer an impending death within three months or even a shorter lifespan depending on the toxicity of the poison. This type of poison is most lethal as it is odorless and colorless, it can just blend and dissolve into any food or drinks without causing any suspicion when the intended victim consumed it. The victim internal organs are gradually damaged by the poison as it also contains arsenic, victims tend to cough profusely. The reason is because one of the key ingredient comprise of small particles of shaven bamboo shoots that can cause irritation to the throat. But That's just sorcery,and just a small part of what I'm talking about here,when it comes to Luciferism and Taoism I leave you with these words...To know the male (strength), but to abide by the female (care), is to be the valley of the world (or: universal stream). Being the valley of the world, and departing not from the everlasting power , one again returns to the infant . To know the white (pe, the yang principle), but to abide by the black (heh, the yin), is to be exemplar for the world. Being exemplary, and deviating not from the everlasting power, one again returns to the unlimited (wu-chi). To know the illustrious, but to abide by the obscure, is to be the valley of the world. Being the valley of the world, one’s everlasting power being full, one again returns to the uncarved block (untouched nature, simplicity) (p’u)…. The great don’t cut (the uncarved nature). Now I ask you Brothers and Sisters,what could be more Luciferian that that? more later,  Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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