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Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Luciferian's Thoughts on Gnosis

One Luciferian's Thoughts on Gnosis.... the Gnostics,and other early heretic sects of Christianity and beyond,who constituted the first Spiritual Anarchists.The Gnostics themselves waged a background war against Christianity and treated the Christian and Jewish God as a tyrant.In their anger towards
materialism and the consumption of life by YHVH,they were the first to up the ante..After the Gnostics,the apostate monks that formulated Goetia and other ‘Black Magick’ mysteries kept the torch alive. To me,magick has become a living thing.A living,breathing movement not along the lines of the elite Aristocracy of better then you Wiccans,White Light Faith healers and RHP ceremonial magicians we now have to deal with,but from those striving to make themselves more than a mere man and Woman.Luciferian,that coat comes with responsibility. Every man and woman that proclaims themselves to be a Magus and works for a better world,or at least a better life,is a Spiritual Anarchist,but as Luciferi we must strive for something even higher.Our history need not be one of tribal Shamans and Druids to be potent; the dark side of magick that existed in the early Christian world is just as potent a mechanism to draw off,to twist such magick to the LHP and turn it to the light and truth,is divine heresy. Those that are “Satanists” or “Chaos Magicians” or "Luciferians"have no true background except as heresy,and heresy has always been a form of social resistance.I re-claim the old grimoires, work them in the Black Light of Lucifer for those wishing to proclaim themselves above this world,and beyond it, to blast through the veils of reality we’ve shrouded ourselves in and give themselves to the goal of what has always been transcendence:to make yourself more than what you are. Considering that our world is now super-saturated with media and we cannot entirely escape its grasp without going “to croatan” as it were,doesn’t mean we cannot attempt the escape.Nearly every act of will by a person with a spiritual bent is an anarchistic Will to Power.A true Luciferian seeks Power over themselves first,rather than power over the world around them.If you have trouble imagining that you can be free,the easiest way to recall what it was like was your first sexual experience,or the first time you read a book and truly went to that place you found in those pages. Remember the sensation of doing something simply because you desired it,not because someone said you could.The feeling of bodies and minds mingling,moments lapsing into minutes and hours – that is the taste of freedom.We constrain ourselves every day by pretending to be things that we aren’t,or kill our Light with numbing clouds of Technology.As Luciferians we rise above,and in the act of rising true Gnosis can be achieved.But this is just one Luciferi's understanding...My Hat thanks you for your time,  Copyright 2015 Vincent Piazza

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